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Jose Luis Zambrano De Santiago II " El Euforia" User pageEdit

This web page is not a wikipedia entry, It is my personal profile. But yor welcome to use and share my information as long as you use my name as the source. If your a wiki coder please contact me i need the wiki templates to publish this info in wikia.

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Zambrana(o)Meaning in Basque Edit

Zanbranako comes from Basque language, Zambrana or Cenbrana in Castellano means "Cima Escarpado". In english it means "Steep Summit".

Zambrano means: "Man from steep Summit"[1]

Fortun Sanchez Grandee Zambrana.[2] Edit

Fortun Sanchez of Mendoza,Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. [3] was the first Grandee Zambrana, [4] receiving his title in Burgos on 1058 and died in 1088. [5] [6] [7] The grandee title was given to him by Sancho IV of Navarre, for his service to Sancho III of Navarre and to Garcia Sanchez III of Navarre, The Zambrana family crest shows two silver stars for this service to the crown. [8] Fortun serve as page and squire until he became lord Zambrana. [9] [9] [8]. [9] [9]

Zambrana, Spain came to be after the Solares or house mark Zambrana became Villa Zambrana[10]

Due to the many languages spoken in Spain, many spelling variations of the same name are shown in

history. Spain, France and England have records of the Zambrano in their historical documents as follows; Zambrana,Zambrano,Cambrano,Sambrano,Sembrano,Zambraos,Zambranok are among the most noted in history.[11][12][13]

Library of congress: Endika de Mogrobejo continued the work and in Endika's volume 13 I found the article on the Zambranos. The citation is: <>.

Family Crest ZambranaEdit

Zambrana or Zambrano.[10] [6] [2] [14]

Castile Silver: A family establish by a Royal gold family of Castile. Silver Moon, Sole duty to protect the maiden ladies and the orphans.

2 Silver Stars: Represent Service to King [[Garc�a S�nchez III of Navarre]] and King Sancho III of Navarre

8 Golden saltire Cross: Cross of St. Andrew. Conquest of Baez or Baeza. And the 8 count marks as a new family from a existing family or Grandee. Gold Sun, Sole duty is to protect the prince to the Death, and guard the poor.

Red field or Gules, Mars, Victory.

Blue Border or Azure, Jupiter, Protector.

[ Zambrana Crest] in Palacio de Zambrana Herran[6]

[ Zambrana crest Heraldic records] Page 40 Illustration. Record 730. page 42.

All the Zambrana(o) are known by this sigil. Those near sea will add water waves; those that serve the French Kings will have a red castle and flower. Many Families sprouted all over Spain, Italy and America. The most important families are register in the Orders of Spain. The Zambranos that belong to these orders are the most important in history. They are Explorers, rich miners, zealots for the Catholic religion. The Zambrano were Inherited to the Kingdom of Granada after the Reconquista by the king�s of Spain. The Zambrano were inherited for their Castile lineage and service to the crown. The Zambrana(o) have monuments in Spain and America. They govern Castles, monuments, House mark , and regal tombs. According to the digital library of Spain and the genealogy science department there are 5 original families in America.

Zambrana, NavarreEdit

This was the first arms awarded to Zambrana. A citizen of Zambrana is refer to as Zambrano. Zambrana being a lord ship Surname, Zambrano a topophonic name.

The Zambrano later receive their arms,Ochoa Zambraos Family being the first. This family serve in Germany, Italy and England. And They were part of the first colonies in America.

Jaen, Baeza, Ubeda, LinaresEdit

The Zambrana Family moved Jaen territory. Following Fernand III who recorded his Charter in the arch of Alcanzar. Both Zambrana and Zambrano recorded in this territory. They donated their land to the Catholic Monasteries.

Linares Zambrano Arms shows a Marquez of Zambrana as governor of the land. Apointted by Phillip II of Spain.

This arms can be seen in this old record:


Zambrana Family Govern over the Castle under Henry III of Spain.

Netherlands, flandersEdit

The First Zambrano to receive his arms join Charles V in Flanders Armies. They later travel to England under his son Phillip II.


This are the arms of the first Zambrano. The red castile and Gules Reus Shows Service to Flanders and England. The Blue stars may have originated from their union with the Ortiz adn Frias families.

Juan Zambrana Died with no male Peerage.

The Zambranok surname is mention in records but no information is available.

Castilla Leon Edit

Burgos was the place were the first Zambrana recieve his arms. The Zambrana and Zambrano branch out and they share a common origin, they also share the same territory. Looking to see if they are conected to Ochoa Zambrano families.


All Zambrana and Zambrano Families moved to Arcos de la frontera. From here they moved all over America and Phillippines.


This Zambrana Family is recorded to have united with Ponce de Leon Family. When they travel to America they change their surname to Zambrano?

Francisca Zambrana became Frnacisca Zambrano, She marry to one of Ponce de Leon Guards who died in Alta Califroania. She LIved in Colima Mexico one of the first colonies in America.


The Zambrana and Zambrano are well recorded in this territory, mainly Fuente del Maestre.



Service to the Kings of Spain, Germany, Italy and America (Indias).Edit

  • Fortun Sanchez of Mendoza, Page to [[Garcia Sanchez III of

Navarre]] and to Sancho III of Navarre And became Lord Zambrana under Sancho IV of Navarre. [19]

  • Martin Alonzo De Zambrana, Conquest of Baeza in 1227.

[[ | Los arcos del alcanzar.]] [[ | Lista de los 300 Soldados ]] [20] [21]

Govern over the castle Mula, Murcia,Spain.

  • Francisco Zambrana y Montemayor brother to Juan Perez de Zambrana

Regidor de Ubeda. [22] [23]

member of the order of Santiago. [19] [24]

  • Zambrano, Navarro, Alva."El carnicero" libro en aleman. Buscando.

German book in google books.

in England.

  • Jaun Zambrano Grnad child to Antonio Zambrano Serve in Bruges/Brujas.
  • Don Pedro Zambrano y Gordillo receive the title Marquez Zambrano

(Marquis von zambrano) on 1761, Under Spanish Empire. The title migrated to Italy under Ferdinand VII.. [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] [30] [31] [32] [33] [27] [34] [35] [36] [37] [38] [39] [40]

6. D. Miguel de Ibarrola y González, Marqués de Zambrano.[41]

7. Mateo Toro Zambrano, Marquez Zambrano: Zambrano armas from Ucles.[42]

The Zambrano Surname spelling evolution and migration Edit

The Zambrano Surname has two thesis of its origin. The first and oldest is a Berber name from the Fez Empire. A town in Morocco Azemmour or Lord Bane Zammur [43]. But this relates to more to Zamora. Also there is a connection with Bane Zammur and Bane Qasi. Bane Qasi shared territory with pamplona and the union of this two kindoms gave birth to the kingdom of Navarra. This is well recorded in Inigos Jimenez el "Aritza/ the elm" And Musa ibh Musa Families.

The Zambrana surname that originated in Burgos in 1058 and predates Zamora 1067. Zambrano may have origitade in Alava as a topifonic surname of the heraldic surname Zambrana. Zambrana are related to the Pamplona and Navarra infantes. This is the main reason why they became Vassal Family and maintained Marques title.

  • The Zambrana family came to be from a Vassal in House Mendoza.[5] Sancho Lopez Vassal to this house was Father to Fortun Sanches "de Mendoza" Lord Zambrana and Lord Lauido [6]. [7]
  • Lords of Viscaya. The following families were part of the lord of viscaya. Their arms show the Sable wolf. [8]

The folowwing page can show you a coat of armns for each family. [9]

  • Durango
  • Lopez
  • Laudio[10]
  • Alva
  • Villa Lobos
  • Vela

Zanbrana in basque language became Zambrana in castellano. In western Spain the use of the letter C is more common then Z for the S sound (Susan). With this in mind a Zambrano surname will be written in western spain as Cambrano or Cembrano.

The town on Cembrano was founded 1088. The both thesis may support that cembrano may be Zamora from Zemmur or Zambrano from Zambrana.

The suffix -ano represents from or belonging to. Some one from Zambrana is Zambrano.

The term -ez or -os represent childrens of -is in latin. Zambraos is a children of Zambrano.

This is what make Zambra a wild card since both Zambrano and Zambraos can be used. BUt may not be related.

The town of zambra has been reguarded as an origin. But that town was formed in the year 1435. It may have berber origin or Basque.

The following families have a common origin. That can be seen in their arms and how the name is spelled in the area.

Zambrana "Basque" Records show them near the King at all times. Belgium and Italy.

Zambrano "Castellano" Records shows them near zambrana family. England and Belgium. And Italy.

Cembrano "Gallego, Portuguese" A branch of Zambrano that migrated to Zamora and Leon. The Arms show them to be from the Osorio Family related to the Lopez of Viscaya.

Cambrano "Portuguese, Italiano" They move to Portugal and Naples Italy. This is a Zambrana(o) that was spell in the western languagues. In Portugal the town of Almodovar was Villa Zambrana. This Zambrana(o) branch moved to Brazil. Again Zambra or Zambrano may be used by this family.

Zambraos.Zambraes " Aragon, Catalan".

Zambrais "Latin"

Z and C Have S sound like Susan.


The Zambra Family belong to the Barnuevo Family year 1435. Calatrava order templar family. Zambra family shows sinople tree, w/ golden fruit in golden field. Sobreabo tree shows Zambrana origin.

Pedro rodrigez de Zambra[47]: Original from Ubeda. His family moved to Portugal and became Zambrano. Arms are Zambrana. Martin Fernandez Zambrano.

Barnuevo shows 4 quarter shield Castile and calatrava.

Zamora Family are related to the Princes of Castile. Year 1067. Identical to Zambrana but with fleur de reus were the saltire cross would be.

Zambrano in Arab records.[13]


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The Kings of Spain And England agree to vow never to forget the Lords of Viscaya.[48]

Grandee Vizcaya [49][50] [8]

[[Basque se�or�os]] Lord of Biscay[51]

As per the records of the Roda Codex

Family tree for Jimeno of Pamplona and Banu Qasi[52]

Father:[[Fort�n Garc�s of Pamplona]][53] [54] [55] [56] [57]

Mother: Aurea daugther of [[Lop ibn Musa]].[58]

Children: ��igo Fort�nez Aznar Fort�nez,Blasco (Velasco) Fort�nez,Lope Fort�nez,[[Onneca Fort�nez]]

1) D. Lope Fortunez Jaun Zuria "The white Lord" 1st Grandee of Vizcaya[59][60] [ Zuriain][61]

Da. Dalda daugther of D. Sancho Estiguiz Grandee of [[Durango,


2) D. Munio Lopez or Manso Lopez 2nd Grandee of Vizcaya, Grandee Lopez.[62]

Da. Velazquita o Blasquita Daughter of Sancho II of Pamplona[63]

3) Inigo Lopez 3rd El Ezquerra "left hand"Grandee of Vizcaya

4) Lope Diaz 4th Botiller Grandee of Vizcaya

Elvira Bermudez

5)Father: Sancho Lopez 5th Grandee of Vizcaya [64] [10] House Mendoza [10] [65]

Princes Dona Urraca Daughter of Sancho I of Pamplona
Uncle: Inigo Lopez Esquerra as his granfather. Grandee Haro

after conquest of Baeza.

Brother: Lope Sanchez Grandee Laudio/Llodio[64]

Fortun Sanchez Mendoza Squire that became Grandee Zambrana

Surnames from Navarra/Pamplona or Biscaya have Wolf Sable or Sinople Tree.[66]

Fortun Sanchez was given his grandee title after the conquest of Baeza or Paez.[67] Fortun receive the title of lord do to his royal lineage [49] [68] , Lope Fortunez Jaun Zuria �The white lord� the 1st [[Lord of Biscay]] was son to [[Fort�n Garc�s of Pamplona]] recorded in the Roda Codex.[49] The lords of vizcaya joined the Pamplona/Navarra kingdom by the marriage of Velasquita Daughter of Sancho I of Pamplona and the 2nd lord of viscaya Munio Lopez uncle to Fortun Sanchez. Fortun Sanchez is son to Count Sancho Lopez the 5th Lord of Biscay and Dona Urraca Sanchez daughter of Sancho I of Pamplona who became Queen of Leon and mother to Sancho I of Leon. His brother Lope Sanchez serve as Manager to king Sancho III of Navarra and became the 6th Lord of Biscay and was the first to receive a family crest.

Grandee Lope Fortunez has a house mark in Zuriain. And is recorded as the 1s Lord of Viscay. (Jaun, Fuero , Count or Grandee).[69]

Grandee Zambrana [10]

1) Fortun Sanchez De Zambrana.[71] [72][73]


2) Martin Alonso De Zambrana.

3) Juan De Zambrana.

4) Pedro Sanchez Iniguez De Zambrana. Serve Henry III of Castile Govern over the castle Mula, Murcia,Spain.

5) Nofre De Zambrana.

6) Pedro Zambrana. Squire to Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, and Member of the order of Santiago.[74]

7) Don Pedro Martin De Zambrana. Grandee Torralba[75]

8) Don Pedro Iniguez De Zambrana. 17th Century.

9) Don Pedro Zambrana Fajardo. His Brother Don Manuel Zambrana Guerrero died with no children, they belong to the [[order of Santiago]].

Francisca Zambrana(o) move to america, lived in colima Mexico, Her

husband worked for Ponce de Leon Family and died in California.

10) Ana Zambrana.

11) Dona Cathalina Maria De Zambrana. Her family belongs to the order of Alcantara.

12) Dona Ginesa Junteros y Zambrana. She Belongs to the Ponce De Leon Family.

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Zambrano DNA by locationEdit

Haplogroup E-M215 (Y-DNA)Edit

South migration from Palestine to south Europe and North Africa.

====Em183 Berber, South West Spain.====


  • The berber oroginated from Etiopia. The berber were conquer by the Egyptian and Arab empires. The Berber Jews group settle in Gaul. Berber and visigoths are recorded to mix during this time, one of this family are the Banu Qasi.
  • Kingdom of Granada Vassal for Spanish Catholic Kings.[77]

<refname="PavlacCannon2004" Template:Citebook</ref>

Haplogroup R-M207Edit

Migrated from Palestine to Asia mostly, Europe and Africa.

R1b BasqueEdit

The basque people grew with in the same territory as the british Britania. This can be seen on their flag with is the english jack with different colors.

The basque people have been divided by the Spanish March.

Haplogroup J-M172Edit

Migrated from Palestine to Asia Mostly and Europe.

  • Caucasus: White people of Palestine. This group moved to Europe as the Basque.

Email me to add your dna and location or you can do dna test kit here.


[ EL CONVENTO DE SAN JUAN BAUTISTA DE VILLALBA DEL ALCOR] A tomb shows Ponce De Leon tomb with Zambrano family crest. Alonso Zambrano And Rodrigo Zambrano and his family were companions in his explorations. Historical records show the Zambrano Family marry into the Ponce De Leon Family. Google map the adress, calle de Francisco Alcal� #40, Villalba del Alcor, Seville, Spain.

[ Castillo de Mula:] Zambrana Family serve as Governor of the castle.Castle is located in the mount North of present mula city , Murcia, Spain.

[ Arco de Alcanzar Baeza"Plaza del populo":][6] [78] Arco de Alcanzar de Baeza or Plaza del populo or Arco de los Leones. Has the Zambrano Crest as great Heros. The code of arms in the arc directly infront of the fountain of lions is the Zambrana code of arms.

[ Puerta de Dona Urraca]Built at the end of the 10th century, later given the name Zambranos. The arc gate was part of the Zambranos Palace. This is a Spanish Monument of great historical importance.

[,-6.498338&sspn=0.094186,0.142479&t=h&hnear=Fuente+del+Maestre,+Province+of+Badajoz,+Extremadura,+Spain&z=10 Fuente del Maestre]. Zambrano Family members lived here as great orders of spain. [79] [11] [80]

All this monuments are available to see in google earth. [,-5.74874+to:fuente+del+populo+baeza+to:calle+de+Francisco+Alcal%C3%A1+40,+Villalba+del+Alcor+to:fuente+del+maestre&hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=41.153842,-3.691406&spn=4.127309,9.832764&sll=38.702659,-3.47168&sspn=4.277687,9.832764&geocode=Fe9zRAIdB1Lp_ynJJHo2RF5kDTFg6iLXbq8CBA%3BFbVPeQId_Eeo_w%3BFUK2QwIdiAvL_yE750DEMCCeBCmFTtbzl4tuDTE750DEMCCeBA%3BFVihOgIdmzed_ymN62IkFfQRDTFATD7C9OuB_Q%3BFXTmSwIdSJWd_ykNlmksMKoWDTEA95-M_WMEBA&t=h&mra=ls&z=7 Click here] for a map with driving directions to all the monuments.

[ Palacio Zambrana and Herran], Located in [[A�ana]], Spain

Palacio Zambrana, Located in [[Linares, Ja�n]], Spain[15][[ | Linaje de Zambrana pdf.]][16]

[ Casa de Caridad Zambrano] "Image 11 of 18", Banos de la encina, Spain.

Kingdom of Granada (Crown of Castile). Zambrano Family. [81]

America (Colonial 1492-1800) Edit

[[Casa de Contrataci�n]] Sevilla. Crews logs data base. Main Web page Casa de contratacion [84]

Zambrano en Sevilla. [85]

Juan Zambrano, Guadalajara, Spain, Died in battle under Charles V. 1535. [86]

Rodrigo Zambrano [87]

Manuel Zambrano [88]

Hernando de Soto Alvaro Zambrano part of crew.[89] [24]

St. Augustine, FloridaRodrigo Zambrano y Alonso Zambrano and two sisters 1 Servant.

Casa Museo Alfonso Zambrano. Woodcraft master . Gallery.

Clergyman Edit

Fray Juan Zambrano, Chiapas, Mexico. Service to the church in 1537. [90]

Ecuador: MonSenor Alverto Zambrano, Bishop from Loja, Ecuador. [91] [[11]]

Mexico colonies. Edit

[92] [93]

Durango Mexico. Edit

Palacio Zambrano Juan Jose Zambrano from the Order of Santiago.[94][95] [96]

Jalisco Mexico Edit

Hacienda de Zambrano. Jalisco Mexico. Near Sierra de los lobos. and Leon Guanajuato.

Chile Edit

Government Junta of Chile (1810) President Mateo de Toro Zambrano. Casa solar Casa Colorada [[12]]

New Mexico Edit

[[Mission Nuestra Se�ora de los �ngeles de Porci�ncula de los Pecos]] Fray Pedro Zambrano Ortiz.

California. Edit

[[Mission San Fernando Rey de Espa�a]] Manuel Nicolas Zambrano, Order of Santiago.[97] [97]

Spanish Empire Netherland, Italy and (Indias America and philippines). Edit

Don Pedro Zambrano y Gordillo, Marquez Zambrano (Marquis von zambrano)1761. Under Spanish Flanders. The title migrated to Italy under Ferdinand VII.. [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] [30] [31] [32] [33]

Spain Edit

ORLANDO JOS� ZAMBRANO B�EZ., Born in 1� de Septiembre de 1894, and Died on 13 de Noviembre de 1959.

Texas. Edit

Juan Manuel Zambrano [98]

Canas de Zambrano in Texas colony 1789 Republic of Texas[99] [100] [101][99][102] Zambrano Spanish Index

Mexico Monterey. Edit


Nuevo Leon. Edit

[103] [104] [105] [106] [107]

Nueva granada (South America). Edit

[108] [109] [110] [111] [17]

Italy. Edit

[112] [113] [114] [115]

Uruguay. Edit

Jose Zambrano y Vienna [116] [117]

Philippines. Edit

Andres Zambrano [118] [119]

Spanish Monasteries. Edit


Argentina. Edit

[121] [122] [123] [124] [125] [126] [127]

Ecuador. Edit

Ramon Zambrano. [128] [129] [130]

Colombia. Edit

Manuel Zambrano y Benavides. [131]

Alvaro Zambrano 1770. Puerto Zambrano. [132] [133] Founded House mark [[Zambrano, Bol�var|zambrano]] in 1770, became Villa San Sebastian de las playas blancas. Colombia.

Casa Museo Alfonso Zambrano. Woodcraft master . Gallery.

Spanish Netherlands. Edit

[134] [32] [33] [34] [135]

Canay Islands. Edit

Zambrana House mark. [136]

Fray Pedro Zambrano

Brazil Edit

Zambrano Brazil: Rodrigo Zambrano 1512. [137]


Zambrano Family Honduras. [138]


Other languages not classified Edit

Mr. Zambrano 1825. Paris France. [140]

WWI and WWIIEdit

Juan Zambrano: [ Dads Army England]

Present times 1900-presentEdit

Lorenzo Zambrano. Alemania [143]

Tom Zambrano. [144]

Lorenzo Zambrano. Mexico [145]

Fabio Zambrano. Colombia. [146]

Myrna Zambrano. [147]

Google map locations for Zambrana and Zambrano, City or St.Edit

USA StreetsEdit

Zambrano ST.,+Commerce,+CA,+USA&hl=en&ftid=0x80c2ce60b75eb617:0x46475d1d204d972d,+San+Antonio,+TX,+USA&hl=en&ftid=0x865cf50c0510d017:0xd21a21a410c1e5f4,+Woodland+Park,+NJ,+USA&hl=en&ftid=0x89c2fe167237aff1:0xd865ddb3ccb4611d,+USA&hl=en&ftid=0x865fcba98a8854f7:0xe63b8e1613151fb,+San+Antonio,+TX,+USA&hl=en&ftid=0x865cf50c0510d017:0xd21a21a410c1e5f4

Zambrana ST.,+Palm+Bay,+Florida&hl=en&ftid=0x88de72a4cc6a2b73:0x686c58f33c3df90e,+North+Port,+Florida&hl=en&ftid=0x88dcace724e5a453:0x27cc5eb93a179c10,+Sebring,+Florida&hl=en&ftid=0x88dcf8ec46e6eb49:0x3665ec084c426969,+Coral+Gables,+Florida&hl=en&ftid=0x88d9c89ef41e1705:0x8212675a03f82686

Puerto RicoEdit

Zambrana St.,+Coamo,+Puerto+Rico&hl=en&ftid=0x8c03330cb01e4457:0x45bd91acfa4dc99c

Spain StreetEdit,+Linares,+Spain&hl=en&ftid=0xd6e84ccc3a243fb:0x82eafa56194e14d4,+Zambrana,+Spain&hl=en&ftid=0xd4f920a9bceb8ed:0x1a0a255deb4bd468

Cuba, Zambrana st.Edit,+Havana,+El+Cerro,+Havana,+Cuba&hl=en&ftid=0x88cd7a0bd1da1be5:0xd5fc39f4db6c8918

Panama, Zambrano cityEdit,+Piedra+Candela,+Renacimiento+District,+Chiriqui,+Panama&hl=en&ftid=0x8fa5ceb38f70c571:0xac2a31f80f8ae2f5

Chile, Zambrano CityEdit,+chile&hl=en&ftid=0x9663070139f06cf3:0x97f1f57d151e11f4

Mexico, Zambrano city.Edit,+mexico&hl=en&ftid=0x842c41dd55bf3745:0x23ca16dc6886bc31

Colombia, Zambrano cityEdit,+colombia&hl=en&ftid=0x8e5f30363720210d:0x62b62cfed56f08db

Ecuador, Zambrano streetEdit,+ecuador&hl=en&ftid=0x8e2a3ccd34534d85:0x52b4dd26b2398566,+Quito,+Pichincha,+Ecuador&hl=en&ftid=0x91d59ab9f6656147:0xa6142529368d8b9d

Nicaragua, Zambrano CityEdit,+nicaragua&hl=en&ftid=0x8f73f718e2aaec19:0x3e93b2a57d0294d7

Nicaragua, Zambrana CityEdit,+nicaragua&hl=en&ftid=0x8f73f0b6d9d134b3:0x12dafd64ef6ae977

Argentina, Zambrano st.Edit,+argentina&hl=en&ftid=0x941bc36db35534f1:0x5fdd8dd1a8325faa

Ecuador, Zambrano St.Edit,+Quito,+Pichincha,+Ecuador&hl=en&ftid=0x91d59ab9f6656147:0xa6142529368d8b9d

Philippines Edit

Zambrano BLDG,+San+Fernando+City,+La+Union,+Region+I,+Philippines&hl=en&ftid=0x33918e41a2c2090d:0x97e3d3ec0260a805

Brazil Edit

Villa Zambrano now Almodovar.,+Portugal&hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=37.518985,-8.060532&spn=0.070391,0.109692&sll=37.269174,-119.306607&sspn=9.035627,14.040527&oq=Almod%C3%B4var&hnear=Almod%C3%B4var,+Beja+District,+Portugal&t=m&z=13 [148]


[ Geneology Hispanic]:Good source for Hispanic Names of Regal importance.


Anaheim Public Library:If you�re a Zambrano please donate to this library for providing information for the research.

[ Spain digital public library]:I provide links to the pdf. Use Ctrl+F to look for Zambrano reference

[;jsessionid=84C84AE19AE15606E8B797D3C03ECC44 Estado Militar de Espana:] Zambrano Records and Orders of Spain they belong to.

Link to [[The Library of Congress]]

Geneanet: I surname database with heraldic data. And world wide surname population and density.

Heraldry websitesEdit

Consulta Araldica

Santiago Surname HistoryEdit

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The Santiago Familiy name or surname originates from the house of Quevedo in Pie de concha.[149] And Quevedo is from house Mantilla.[150][151][152]

Quevedo arms show arms from the mantle of San Martin. Searching San Martin de quevedo. And Saint families origin.

848. Santiago. DeQuevedo house, located in the town of Pie de Concha proceeded to Santiago, whose illustrious sons are distinguished as follows: Don Pasquale and Don Domingo de Santiago, mayor of the city of Baeza in the reign of Don Alonso the Wise: the lawyer Toribio Gomez de Santiago, St. Bartholomew's College of Salamanca, the board of the Catholic Monarchs, his daughter Queen Juana and his son and successor Emperor Charles V: Don Fray Pedro de Santiago, religion overall barefoot St. Augustine, Bishop of Solsona and Lerida and Maestro Fray Juan de Santiago, known for his eloquent preaching and attractive Gold Pico Weapons of this illustrious lineageare: Silver shield and a red and white flag, held by two hands cut and bleeding 2.

� 0.6. Rodrigo Mantilla, Senior Cafa Mantilla, married Dona Maria of 7> tego Fernandez de Queuedo, died QUC 159z.procedienr.edel year folar fu dizevn name} and Mendoza, Nobiliario> * the CFAA, and folar of AI is Qucuedo Mountain, ay good kijfofdalgo delta, but not in fe�orio podero�os funds for weapons bring vn} e�cudo party eventually vneftandarte and cut it, that is l�tela half white, half colored c, and the middle cica-do is blue, right hand with three gold lilies, and the other half white cot� ?. vn black cauldron. And Caftillo: The lineage of Qucuedo is well-known in hijfofdalgo. eftos kingdoms, enjoyCafa (olariega in Pie de Concha, where 74 people have �alido � cn fr.Geronmo ejios many hijo�dalgo defta Cafa, the av in Guadalaxua, and elsewhere "')' C * itroCafltllobifit in Madrid afsifteD.FrancifcodcQueuedodclAbitodeSantiago ( juftamcrmi of RefesGodoSffol aqueltan held by IU great wit, eftudios, yefcritos, �e�or of � laTotrede uasrAbad) po� "4?2 / that here are two defta CAFAS vna faith draws deQucucdo Cafa of Santiago, and one that EFTA otr in Pie Shell enjoy ^ known both nobility and great antiquity. 'and D.AiUfi> efta.Ca�a Nu�iz of Santiago de Qucuedo defeender which will boast a and Martos, D. quefon Gua Caftro Franci�co SantiagoGuzman, Luan father Alonfode Santiago Guzman, tenors \. I $ 5. ????4? ja ma? orazgo what DNDC Santiago, D-Iuandc mugerde Ortega and Aguilera, Queue per-Arms' fona of well known and remarkable quality. The hiftoria deGaadalaxara: The fon of do-Gone has one leros hijo�dalgo Caua Vizcaya, fu name is Pie de Concha de la Villa cieron ici na linage is Queuedo, ylaCa�adeQueuedoes in the Valley of the Vi cn Gu�aziua Pie de Concha call. Oh another Cafa Afturias Shell in Santillana-.rraen by ai * maslosQueuedos, quees�u own apellidu, vn e�cudo split into three loaves, cuclpti-ma mere right qo gold tresliles blue field inthe cauldron feguodQvnnegrojQQ silver champion, and the trio vn half red half field blanco.y by Rodrigo Msnrilla pfata.El and children D.MariadeQucuedo tuuuron fumuger Lop ^ M? Aniu, Dicgo Mantilia, D.Maria, D.Iacs) D.AoayD.VriuiafD.AldoDca and D.l�abei, what ma��doazelia, other were ca | adas, DM aria> qucera most, dexo two sons, Will * UI hij�jla husband D.Iscs tuuo Lu�n Mantilla de Soto the three men, and vna facm-, bi j 4,4.1 the adult of twelve years pafs� to Indies and China DEIDE Lima was Cutad � ^ fummvolugar.D.Ana another, and also children DELA D.Vt�uladexaron D. Aldon�� that. a. on FCIS sons, daughters} 1 and de�tos ptimos, and uncles, coc those of other lincas, fc car could ?? ooc�nros fighting men to VNtime. [153]

Santiago family crestEdit

Red and white banner, bleeding praying hands, on silver field.

De Santiago LinageEdit

Alonso Fernadez de Santiago Son to Sancho Fernandez de Santiago. and his wife Maria Sanz Mantilla.[81] Founded House Santiago.


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[ Cartas de La Pi�ce: correspondencia con Agust�n Andreu:]This book read of a Zambrano Family living in a Castle.

[ Zambrana o Zambrano o Zambranos o Zambraos:]

[ Pruebas para ingreso de religiosos en las �rdenes de Calatrava, Alc�ntara y Montesa]

[ Gaceta de los tribunales, N�meros 1330-1381]

[ Propietarios, empresarios y empresa en el norte de M�xico: Monterrey:]

[ Caballeros de la Orden de Santiago, Siglo XVIII: Tomo IX.]

[ Caballeros de la Orden de Santiago Que Efectuaron Sus Pruebas de Ingreso ]

[ Los hombres de la Monarqu�a Universal]

[ Los Americanos en las �rdenes nobiliarias, Volumen 2]

[ Nobiliario de los reinos y se�orios de Espa�a: contiene las armas ..., Volumen 4]

[ Historia del Nuevo Reino de Granada, Volumen 2]

[13] Nobiliario de Extremadura, Volumen 8]Its shows that Zambrana and Zambrano are same family, it Shows 2 crest one As Fortune Sanchez but with gold castile. Second is castile gold only. Both Families from Fuente del Maestre.

Libros de Heraldica

[ Catalogo de la coleccion <Pellicer>, antes denominada <Grandeza de Espana>]It Read Zambrano can be spelled Cambrano.

[ Discursos historicos de la... Ciudad de Murcia. 2. Impr] On this book it reads the record of the code of arms Silver castile, on red field two silver stars with blue borders with gules. It reads Fortun Sanchez family history and he died in 1088. His Family crest is shown in the arc of alcanzar de baeza. Recall as Heros.

[ Antiguedad, y blasones de la ciudad de Lorca, y Historia de Santa Maria la ]It shows Zambrana Family using Fortun Sanchez Emblem. And that they were managers of the Castillo de Mula.

[ Colecci�n Los Zambrana: Los Zambrana]

[ Her�ldica patron�mica espa�ola y sus patron�micos compuestos:] Sanchez de Toca Castile silver, gules and blue flag in castle. Fortune Sanchez was first Zambrana.

[ Nobiliario de los reinos y se�or�os de Espa�a...: Ilustrado con un ]Shows Fortunes Sanchez Arms, Silver castle two stars red field blue borders with golden gules. Shows Saenz,Sanz And Sanchez as Children of Sancho.

[ Andaluc�a y America en el siglo XVII: actas]It reads Zambrano and Ponce de Leon Family in a tomb.

[ Apuntes para la historia de �beda recopilacion de datos exparcidos en ]

[,+sanz,+sanchez&hl=es&sa=X&ei=WA3hT5X4OMjq2QXThYzNCw&ved=0CDoQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q=saenz%2C%20sanz%2C%20sanchez&f=false Estudio hist�rico sobre una familia extreme�a, los S�nchez Arjona]Its read Saenz, Sanz ,Sanchez as Saint or Santo. Looking into Zion due to Jewish Heriatge in that area. First recorded Sanchez is listed.

[ Diccionario hist�rico, geneal�gico y her�ldico de las familias ilustres de ]It Reads the tomb of Zambranos and heraldic information.

[ EL CONVENTO DE SAN JUAN BAUTISTA DE VILLALBA DEL ALCOR, UNA FUNDACION INDIANA DE 1618]It Reads that the Convent shows the Zambrano family crest next to Ponce de Leon.

[ Alrededor del mundo, Volume 5]It reads that Fortune Sanchez was a rich man in the kingdom of Alonso I of Leon. He was proud of his visigoth heritage for Don Pelayo was his Ancestor.

[ Diccionario geogr�fico-estad�stico-hist�rico de Espa�a y sus ..., Volume 9]

[ Diario curioso, erudito, economico y comercial] This books read that fortun sanchez or Sangiz, became King Garcia from kingdom of Galicia Squire.

[ Diario curioso, erudito, economico y comercial] It reads that Fortun Sanchez or Sangiz became squire to the king of Castile.

[ Narratives of the Career of Hernando de Soto in the Conquest of Florida] The name of Zambrano is listed in the crew as being from Burgos where the Zambrano are from. Soldiers enlisted to conquer Florida. Letter to Charles V dated 1539.

[ Primera parte de las Fundaciones de los Monasterios del Glorioso P. S ...] Provides information about Forun Sanchez Zambrana. And all his family information and his titles.

[ El Gran libro de los apellidos y la her�ldica]It read information with suit of armas. Los Americanos en Las �rdenes Nobiliarias, Volume 2] Nobiliario de los reinos y se�orios de Espa�a (revisado por A. Rujula y Busel).]Greater then Hidalgo family, And inherited the Villa Zambrana. Discursos Historicos de la Muy Noble Y Muy Leal Ciudad de Murcia By Francisco Cascales] It shows Zambrana family and Ponce de Leon united by marriage. Pedro Iniguez Zambrana children were Female. Andariegos y Pobladores: Nueva Espa�a y Nueva Galicia: Siglo XVI]It read Francisca Zambrana daughter of the Zambrana Lineage, In New Viscaya, (Mexico).] This ebook has notes of Zambrana spelled Cembrana.] This book shows zambrano crest description.]I found the book i was looking for after reading about the wrong fortun Sanchez i will be deleting the books that dont relate to this fortun sanchez of the Mendoza family.] The white lord of VIzcaya.] Defeted the Moors advance to france.] Senorios de Viscaya.] Senores de Biscaya. Zambrano family recorded with same arms as Zambrana refer to as being the same. And that they travel to America or "Indias" Fray Pedro Zambrano New Mexico. Zambrana y Zambrano conection, Follow the family crest and city arms Castile silver on red field is Zambrano, Haro relatives are Elm tree on silver field, Medina de pomar is another castle contacting the locals for more infromation</small>

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  • Mendirichaga, Tomas. Apellidos de Nuevo Leon. Mexico, D.F., 1958-1968. (Sourced at and in turn by
  • Surnames of Nuevo León : Botello y Buentello, Cavazos, Guerra, Hinojosa, Larralde, Mier, Sepúlveda, Zambrano Mendirichaga Cueva, Tomás, 1927- (Sourced at

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